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trollingtroll's Journal

Sadly trollingtroll ended his life on the 13/1/07, though he is no longer with us his spirit lives on.

I am a lovely troll so please don't be shy for your words really do mean a very great deal to me, however that being said, can't we be civil about it?

In case any accusations of sockpuppetry arise please note that this journal is as valid and as genuine as yours. Please consider that statement.

I am willing to friend anyone who adds me, even practising zoophiles as well as their supporters, this however does not show any endorsement on my part for your/their actions or opinions rather I am concerned for you/these individuals and would wish to help you/them wherever possible.

That the most perfect manifestation of the will to live represented by the human organism, with it's incomparably ingenious and complicated machinery, must crumble to dust and it's whole essence and all it's striving be palpably given over at last to annihilation is nature's unambiguous declaration that all the striving of this will is essentially vain. If it were something posessing value in itself, something which ought unconditionally to exist, it would have non being as it's goal.

And now for some quotes about me from other LJ users...

'What a rollickingly fine young fellow is trollingtroll ' eeyore87

'That trollingtroll is my sunshine after rainclouds, they just wash my depression utterly away into the soft blue sea where the fairies gambol with glee...' rarr

'Trollingtroll, you have the greatest understanding of feminine needs that I have ever come across in any Troll, cor, you're a real stunner too.' dindin

'for a self confessed troll this stuff is too deep for me. Your intellect and insight far eclipse that of any other person i have ever read the work of, furthermore...' laeth_maclaurie

'You's tha best eva man'countessa_rose

'This song is a poem to trollingtroll...

Shine on forever

Shine on, benevolent sun' reizar

'Without Trollingtroll, life would be a mistake' immortalrite

Thank you for these beautiful words my dear friends.

With Love,

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