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i seem to have lost another friend today trashyholiday would appear to have been deleted possibly by those in the lj high command.

 having been banned from a number of communities and having had comments deleted and threats (presumably carried out) of complaint to the lj hierachy for my comments on controversial issues the following is a subject i feel strongly about.

is censorship on lj  a tyrannical kneejerk reaction to views that you may not hold?, is it an admission of your failure to give plausible argument to sustain your position?, is it proper that written work be erased because of conflicting views?, is lj censorship akin to the burning of jewish books by the nazis?

what gives a person the right to censor? (individuals not government bodies) where reasonable debate (not abuse) is carried out it seems atrocious cowardice not to give reasons for your opinions, let alone call for censorship.

your opinions?

 having tired of beastiality i shall now move on to more pleasant spheres, primacorza would argue with his powerful and scientific mind that there are indeed no greater pleasures to be found,  his psychiatrist and i beg to differ.

todays topic shall be free and untramelled from any such sordid abominations, something clean and spiritual is wanted to elevate the ljer mind, perhaps the subject of  lj privacy would not be amiss...

it seems common on lj for its patrons not to realise that what they have actually created is a public diary, one which unless made private or friends only is open and accessible to all, i would go so far as to say it is an open invitation for  all to peruse, that the owners of these remarkable pieces of literature crave notoriety and comment.

yet though this is a seemingly  sound position, i am constantly criticised for giving helpful advice and assistance to many of you, my comments at worst are intended to start amiable debate, at best to correct hopelessly misguided impressions.

what then is expected by those who publish their hopes, aspirations, fears and deeds publically?

i shall expect responses from my number one fans, the princesses of persiflage, frisby_on_head, trashyholiday and that singular delight known as jaindough, works not to exceed 500 words and must be structured and logical throughout.

to quote my dear friend frisby_on_head, "and for the love of god please elaborate-what's a furry?".
what indeed is this phenomena, yet another faddish clique?, is it yet another cute and cuddly clutching of straws for the apathetic and disenchanted self opted and titled social outcasts, of which society has an inordinate sum?.
does it go deeper?, within this select body, mainly gay men and teenagers, according to primacorza, does a strong belief exist in the probity of human and creature fornification, commonly termed beastiality?.
seemingly, on the basis of my minute and lacklustre researches, pro beastiality furry's, (furries)?, point out parallels between homosexuality and their own way of life, is this reasonable?.
do animals have the right of consent?, do they understand the implications of their unchosen partners?, are we more than custodians of animal welfare?,
is this cruel and unnatural?, or is it a legitimate sharing of love and deep seated affection?.
are their any leading lights of this underground movement?, does it have a political agenda?, does it consider itself an oppressed and misunderstood minority?.

i have recently been accused by jazzriff and frisby_on_head of being the sockpuppet of love_troll this is an outrageous and scurrilous slander which i refute, it has often been alleged that this is a sockpuppet account, it is not, i am what i have always claimed, that is the friendlytroll, dispersing sweet and tender thoughts and pointing out where all others on lj are mistaken.
and on another topic what in heavens name are furrys, does anyone know?, jazzriff is apparently of their order, but that shows little, this is a very vexed question indeed.

is often misunderstood, however it is NOT to frustrate foolish pseudo intellectuals, nor is it to bring dissatisfaction to the pompously opinionated.
my mission is a simple one...it is to bring love and understanding to those who indulge in the harmless fantasy that their lj world brings true interest to others....
i offer you my LOVE, thats platonic LOVE  frisby_on_head in case you had doubts.

please support/rate my entry in exquisitecuties i face tough competition, yet with your love behind me i may well suceed.

And this historical "trolling moments"  winner is...

I cannot believe all this harrassment, firstly from sockpuppet accounts (get a life please), and now from my friend countessa_rose, please just leave me alone, all i want to do is post my innermost thoughts and desires to all in the hope they will comment and applaud me, and i desperately need support, lets face it anyone who feels the need to have an LJ does.
That said can we still be friends?.


These people really dont like being added,
i am so sorry for adding you.

i amused myself at these communities expense,

i am so very sorry.

I made fun of people who were rather silly and easily drawn,
i am really sorry.

For the many that deleted posts or that i have presently forgotten,
i will rectify this fault.

To recap,


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