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February 2010
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My beloved and revered familiars, it is with some consternation that yet again I feel obliged to post, both upon and within, this vile and inane medium. Yet my dears it would seem that I have not in all conscience any choice, for our beloved, though departed  dumpsterdiva  has pleaded and wheedled with me to return to you once more.

Perhaps I can, as she seems most certain, return some semblance of dignity and decorum to livejournal, failing that no doubt I shall, as is my wont, provide some enlightenment upon the true path of moral purity.

Dear creatures, I shall endeavour to provide comfort rather than censure, though clearly the latter is more deserved.


oh, there you are.

Where else would I be?

not here! i like your wordsmithery.

This is most kind of you my dear, yet sadly I do not exist outside of this, most sordid, form of candid extroversion.

Bah! Now you've made me think on that.

Well that cannot be at all healthy. You must be careful possum.

Oh sweet trollingtroll, my Marlborough of a Man, you came back!

I wanted you to be among the first (1,000 or so) to know that I shall be returning to AU surely by the end of February. I have missed you too much to stay here in America any longer.

Plus, the coffee is shit.

I do need comfort rather than censure, if you do not mind.

It is true then that the Americans cannot make coffee? The end of Febuary you say, certainly a wise move, Febuary in Sydney is one of my least favourite months due to the humidity, if only I too could miss it.

Are you cold?

Indeed, I am cold. Very. I am not a fan of winter. However, this year it appears that I will get two winters in a row.

Re: The coffee. It is true. I have no idea how they do it but they can even make a bad flat white. Amasing.

I miss home. Thank you for the comfort.

btw, I am looking at the central coast...so I can have a yard for the dogs, be only an hour or so away from work by train and have the beach nearby.

I do so love the mountains, though.

What about the south coast? Helensburg, or is it ville, springs to mind. Australia went a little mad as regards coffee, still I would have thought America would have followed suit, after all they do copy us most shamefully.

Where does such a jetsetting woman of the world call home? Think nothing of it, comfort is always on tap here.

I have not looked at the south coast. Don't know it, actually. Are you trying to run me off? Do the womenfolk there know how to make Chicken Maryland? Do you think I have a career in answering questions with questions?

As for your question regarding what I call home: 'I haven't a clue' is the best answer that I can come up with. I am trying to take the sage advice you so generously shoveled out to tinceiri and avoid thinking on that subject. I will wait and see if tinceiri suffers any noticeable consequences of thinking before I risk it myself.

Where are you these days, gallant troll?

Post Script ~

dindin is still not speaking with me. Did you you tell her of our sordid past or did she guess?

Shame. She is lovely, knows absolutely everything about pregnancy, birth, and nearly all else one might not be able to find in a Wiki article. Why, dindin tirelessly serves as much purpose as a truncated medulla oblongata!

And I thought getting banned from a lesbian community I had never visited was a darned shame.

Speaking of Canine Pleasures

There is a lovely young(ish) Sydneysider on that site you hooked me up to that wants to play with dogs with me. I am making so many new and interesting friends, thanks to you.

Really, we must have a party soon. As a card-carrying member of the Australian Screen Actors and Writers Guild (or is that Writers and Screen Actors?) I have access to a large but lovely home in the Blue Mountains. We really should send out invites to all our new acquaintances.

Either that or just the two of us. Problem is, I shall have no alibi when it comes to the inquisition regarding the circumstances surrounding your newest death.

Re: Speaking of Canine Pleasures

Always happy to serve as a social asset my dear.

Though there are truly worse ways to die, I am not sure how enticed I am by the thought of being slain in the blue mountains by a Diva.

My dear young lady, what is wrong with the ancient term of Actress?

I miss you. However, I shall be posting a book or two to you this week. It may take a while to arrive as one is coming from the United States of Despair, I think.

I am sure you will enjoy your wintery reading. xo