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Well I am very happy to be able to report that dindinand I have become firm friends once more, and after all beloved readers friendship and love is what lj is all about.

Peoples I beg of you to reconcile your differences, for who knows which journal may be deleted next by those vile tyrants and filibusters who make up the intellectually impoverished lj team, by then it would be too late and ever would you burn with shame and remorse, wondering on what could have been.

Lay down your pride and please consider, I beg you.
Also please note the very controversial post I made on heated_debate , just for you gear_eagle , yes I know, rather poor stuff, but that's the point, rather poor group.


Now, that handsome bloke in the photo above will not bruise his mistress, am I correct? He is only keeping her in line, right?

Just want to make sure.

Just a loving tap I assure you.

Just wanting to make sure he is keeping in line with the new religious rulings, m'dear. She has such tender looking skin.

She does indeed have sensitive looking skin, please note though that it is unmarked after this paltry and loving tap.

Is that a large welt I see coming up next to her right ear? Or, perhaps, as the magistrate will clearly see, it is only a shadow...not last nights loving tap.

hmmmm...you the Mormon and me the Hassid. ;)

Looks like foundation poorly applied to me.

These various distinctions within the Jewish community boggle the mind, I neatly think of non religious Jews, religious fairly moderate Jews, and orthodox or fundamentalist Jews, so much easier.

I wonder where she picked up that foundation? Looks as if the product colour code was terribly mis-marked, m'dear.

Agreed regarding all the different sects of religions. All claim to be 'the one' do they not?

Looks as if he is going to give her one, to me. Love tap? Hmm..do I see her arms turned back? Are her wrists bound? Ooooooo...I see.


Ah yes. Have you ever heard of a Jack Mormon? It is a Mormon who continues to be one yet drinks and smokes. Or something like that. There is a cold water fish often called Jack Salmon in landlocked reservoirs and lakes in the states. It is actually a kokanee that looks like a salmon, tastes like a salmon, smells like a salmon but does not act like one as it does not go upstream to spawn. Well, I am sure you get the picture.

Yes, many of us are secular Jews. It is a ethnicity as well as a religion.

Indeed the poor thing seems not to know the ladylike arts at all, hence perhaps the manly intervention, 'this hurts me more than it hurts you', etc etc.

Bound, perhaps so, or meekly accepting due punishment.

I have heard of neither, though I see the similarities of course.

You are an interesting lot it must be said, though some of those sideburns, most unattractive.

Perhaps it does hurt him more than it hurts her. Although, rope burns on the wrists can be painful, even when ice is applied. Or so I've heard.

My sideburns blend in nicely with my long hair, thanks to a skillfull hairdresser.

Did you enjoy my post. Thanks for commenting. I shall take it down now. I have what I needed.

You are quite nice to me Troll. I always do wish you well in your mountainous ventures. You just have that hardened exterior of a true pioneer.

As does your mohawk I have no doubt.

A most enjoyable post indeed.

Why thank you Diva, we Trolls are of hardy pioneering stock, tis true.

I am currently trying to grow out the rainbow colours in my hair as I do not wish to be swept up in the upcoming festivities and find myself on CNNNN, waving from a float traveling along Oxford Street. The Supernational Attention would be just too much for me. I am more of a quiet homebody, as you well know.

Why thank you. ;)

Indeed, with those strong shoulders I am sure you would be handy around the homestead, m'dear.

Dear me, is it that time of year again?

Think nothing of it.

Just made for the cattle rustling these shoulders.

Indeed...let me look at my calendar...why yes...it is nearly that time again. I do not like large crowds. Otherwise it would be a rather colourful festival, don't you think?

I would much rather hit the markets at Reverse Garbage, enjoy a cuppa, and purchase some fresh veggies, fruits, and delicious sourdough bread made by a very nice man who offers a guarantee.

Deartest Troll, we have known each other for some time now. I have discerned that underneath those cattle rustling shoulders lies a heart of gold.

Or is that your gold tooth glinting in the sunlight?

Certainly a colouful festival, though I don't like crowds much either.

Is that in St Peters?

It may once have been however I pulled it for quick financial gain.

Colourful, indeed. Looks fun. The crowds would be too much, though.

Marrickville, dear. Addison Rd. http://www.reversegarbage.org.au/

I don't blame you. However, is it not more difficult to eat steak or apples now that you have pulled your last tooth?

There should be more festivals here, though I probably wouldn't attend them.

I have been there, I meant petersham, I really did I swear.

I have my dentures as you well know.

This is true. I like festivals. Although I do not attend them, they do present the opportunity to make a quick buck selling cold bottled water at bloated prices.

I love going to Reverse Garbage and the Bower. Much is to be found there if you have a need. I enjoy going on a weekend as well as they have the sellers at their tables and it is not as garish as the one at that other place - I only went once so I cannot remember what it was called - something like a Movie Producer-type name.

I know you meant Petersham. You are rusty from being in that rainy weather, I know.

Dentures can be helpful. Why, I once knew of a couple, and this is true, that were customers at my feed store in Nevada. I was out to eat at Mary and Moe's Wigwam and witnessed this along with half a dozen other people: She was eating her potato salad and bread. He was enjoying his Saturday Night Prime Rib Special. He finished, took out his teeth, passed them across the table and commenced upon his salad and bread.

You must believe me - dentures can be handy even in the poorest households. Why, their uses are innumerable, I am sure, after watching that exchange.

I knew you'd understand, yes the Reverse garbage place is fairly good, though I have more windows and doors than I need, and there is also transport to consider.

Yes I have heard of many similar stories concerning dentures, therefore I am in no doubt as to this taking place as you have said.

Have a thought about selling bottled water at festivals, though. My daughter thought of it once when she was around 9. Raised in a retail farm atmosphere she immediately saw the need as thousands of pilgrims from The Burning Man came driving back toward civilisation, and all were very thirsty. I bought her 10 cases of water, at that time about .30 cents a bottle (US) wholesale and said she could charge what she wanted but must pay me back with her profits.

The water was gone at $1 a bottle within 45-minutes. Unfortunately by the time I got back to the store to get more, they too were wiped out. It was brilliant. She's a thinker, that crazybouncycrls

I am glad that you believe me about the denture sharing experience during Saturday Night Prime Rib Special at Mary and Moe's. Most do not believe many of my tales but I can tell you that there is truth in all of them. You see, country folk are so much different than city folk. For example, once some visiting relatives came from the city to my father's ranch. Since nobody was home and I, being but a child of 14 and not having much to say to the elderly of say 40 years and up, took them on a tour of the ranch. I showed them my cousin Johnny's new bull. They laughed and laughed and one man said, "We know you are pulling our leg." I said, "Um, no. That is his new Polled Hereford bull." He said, "Now. We might be from the city but we all know that bulls have horns."

Country mouse in the city. She wants to go home. But she also wants to stay. hmmmm.... Maybe I will take my time and do some looking around AU and find my niche.

Cheerio, my dear!

The Vague ASSthetic taps all love as a way to ThRUST one's feelings?

MR _wwld_?

on such Miss Interpretations are such friendships grounDEAD on the SuRE!

Re: The Vague ASSthetic taps all love as a way to ThRUST one's feelings?

I am afraid I am not of your intelligence level and cannot comment with with certainty. Perhaps I should hand this one over to the Highly Intelligent and Exquisitely Handsome Mr. trollingtroll.

I shall certainly have a peek, thank you friend.

Dearest gear_eagle:

I realise that the above invitation to the peep show was not intended for me but I couldn't resist. I joined. What a gas! Thanks for the link.


Miss Diva

Good morning my dear Troll. Here I am at work and wondering if you have finished your first pot of coffee yet.

Alas, I have seen nothing of your prolific writing as of yet this morning so I suspect you are going to be sleeping in today.

Have a lovely one.

And hey, write to me sometime. We do need to at least have a coffee or brekkie or a gelato or something before you do your disappearing trick again. mskellyraek@yahoo.com or Leeba@live.com Either one is good.

Good afternoon Diva,

Well something of the sort I suppose.

Thank you, same to you.

Certainly a good idea, not sure how long I will do this lj thing for, considering a new lj evil plot though.

Hope you are faring well this fine afternoon.

Glad you got something of the sort. They say that is most excellent for the four humors.

Most welcome.

I bore with it quickly as I do not care to sit at a computer all day. I do enough of that at work.

Will look forward to it. Nothing like a bit of evil now and then.

I have thought of two things, during my sleepless night:

1. Do you belong to this? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freecycle_sydneycentral/messages

I personally have signed up only for the digest. Much easier to browse quickly rather than have 30 e-mails a day about assorted broken toasters or televisions that worked the last time they were used, etc.

2. If you set up an area on a corner of your property, you could call it a Community Garden. Then we could apply for grants for water tanks, pavers, soil, free trees from your local council, fencing, chickens and a hen house, (please please please!!!) and many more things, including a multi-cultural outdoor kitchen, I am sure.

Just some food for thought.

Going to sleep for a bit now. Have a lovely day!

Several problems on Ebor grants, very few people there, 100 is the official number I suspect it must be including farmsteads though as i'd have said 50 to 80 at most, therefore community groups are few and far between, bush fire brigade is already funded by the state and would have a secretary or treasurer I presume.

A lovely day indeed, and to you.

Now, does that population count include dogs?

I understand.

Yes, it is lovely.
I want to go and hear some comedy.
That would make it a funny day.

Dear Sir,

Please enlighten me. Who is Phil the Greek?

Yours in bewilderment,


It's a pet name for the sweet and tactful man born Phillipos, now Phillip the duke of Edinburgh,

Possibly it's an Antipodian thing.

Oh Haiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

i am glad to see that you have taken an interest in the anarchist community, i was about to suggest such a course of action for you

Peroxide Blond Wins Again


Re: Peroxide Blond Wins Again

Once more into the bleach you think? wrongly as it happens, getting ready to do some tree planting near Gloucester and in all the excitement have been most lax with eljay.

Is that you on the clip?

Re: Peroxide Blond Wins Again

Oh! Tree planting. What did you get to plant?

Yes. That's me. When you left I nearly cried my eyes out. Thankfully, the doctor's were able to save one of them.

Happy for you.

OK Troll, I found us a job!!!!

This is the deal. We job share, split the generous salary and you can work on your cottage in the woods in between picking up the mail and blogging.

I'm serious. We only have until the 22nd to apply!


Do you mind living in a villa with a pool? I don't mind roughing it if you don't. We can take turns getting out of there and going back to normal.


WTF? http://dindin.livejournal.com/1578331.html?view=12354139#t12354139

She's your friend. Does she think that a 2-year old who lives in overalls and a onesie is seriously concerned about being in a fashion rut? Seriously?

Long time no talkie, Troll. You dead again?

As always,

Your Diva