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February 2010
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Oh deary me, how things have changed during my absence from lj, unceremoniously thrown out of am_i_pregnant and advice4teens, told off for my controversial posts in rapedandgutted and even caused some angst amongst that peacable and contemplative lot the buddhists.

I simply cannot seem to set a foot in the right place, am I treading on toes or are ljers far too sensitive these days?


Interesting, is it not, that rapedandgutted writes the following on their community info page: This is a judge-free zone?

Indeed it is, also note that they insist on no lj cuts yet have singled me out, ordering me to make use of them.

My essays may not be to all tastes, yet they are clearly educational.

Who says I was judging him? The posts were not appropriate for the community, sorry :P
And good to see you're a member now.

You must remember itsnotfairlaika that all decisions you come to are judgements in one way or another.

Hello, handsome.


You do know that you are my one and only, right? It is just that you are the roving cowboy type and dearest foxfire keeps the flames alight when you suddenly up and ditch me in the night.

I need to keep that carrot out there, you know. It is not as if you are exactly faithful, my love.

Otherwise it would have been you that I wrote, "Hello, handsome." to.

Well that seems reasonable.

You know us Mormons and the ladies.

I shall bear it in mind.


Indeed they are, a peculiar lot.

Thank heavens somebody does.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

I prefer the old Norse fuined.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I loved the hat essay.

By Jove, could this be another fan?

Dearest Troll,

You know me well enough by now. Should i join the group you mentioned so I can read your essay or do you think I am too much of a southern belle to handle it?

I value your opinion.

Yours truly,

Miss Diva

I think you may be strong enough to handle it, though take care my dear.

Will do. You do realise that I am a bit of an innocent, don't you?

btw, was that you who just rang my mobile and hung up?

It was not, I suspect foxfire realised the cost of long distance mid call.

What a skinflint.

Hmmm...must check that number again. He may be in town!

Hide the wimmen folk!

Yes we all know foxfire's propensities.

For women? For sneaking out back doors without paying the cheque? Or for carrying a shiv in his right boot?

All of the above.

Yes, and more I am sure.

There is this possibility.

More like a probablility. I know his type. A womanizer, lover of fine martinis, the tango. Yes, he's trouble, that one.

hmmm...perhaps I could use my miles to divert my May 2nd flight to Seattle.


Oh dear me, he was wanting it kept a secret but...foxfire has bought a ticket to Sydney for May.

To visit you? Mardi Gras will be over by then, I am afraid. Does he know?

I will be stateside visiting my daughter, as usual, in May. I shall miss him.

They're just too damned sensitive. Everyone waround here is always getting all butthurt over the littlest thing. I tell you! You should really visit some of those vaginal cup community things.. You might find somethign amusing to write about there.

Vaginal cup, oh dear me, but yes perhaps I ought to pop in.

You have been gone too long this time Troll Dear. Things seem to have gotten way out of hand here in LJ Land.

vaginal cup???? Lord have mercy. That would do the trick for keeping babies away. Put a cup over it.

A mug may be more effective.

Or a tea trolley. Then at least one could sup together or play cards.

Not to mention checkers.

I have a true affinity for scrabble, played in bed, in the winter, actually. Therefore I promise I shall not mention checkers, as you have requested.

Most welcome