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My dear ones, I shall now express myself in a way that is somewhat foreign to me. In other words I intend to discuss a matter that is both trivial and also of little, if any, interest to anyone but myself. As you can see this differs greatly from all of my previous postings.

I intend to discuss the elusive and most charming of all LJ writers, it barely needs stating that I here refer to fake and spurious accounts.

There are of course many reasons to create a fake account on any of these rather silly sites, naturally, stalking springs to mind. My favourite fakers are suicides as well as accounts created merely to cause dissension and pestilence within the Miss Marples of the blogging world, by this I mean those who go to great lengths to uncover fake accounts.

Now as part of Trolling is held to be wasting others time, while going to as little effort as possible, this clearly is an avenue to be explored in some greater depth. Let us say that if one were to create three accounts, one say suffering from an illness, tragedy or perhaps even abuse, another to expose your fake account to the charming freelance internet dicks and another to stand by your unfortunate fake. This may sound time consuming, however, it is no such thing. Presuming that one is an average typist and that ones computer is not ridiculously slow, this can all be set up within less than ten minutes. Say fifteen minutes a week to post your particular troubles, information etc, and you will see that this infinitesimal investment of your time will be rewarded with hours of others painstakingly reading through lengthy tracts of dull misinformation and presenting their groups with multiple comments, as well as pedantic and learned discussion, some of these are most pleasingly lengthy and verbose.

As a friendly, indeed the friendliest troll here on LJ, I must remark at this juncture that as all concerned are enjoying themselves, the troll of course is wasting time and causing consternation, while the volunteer sleuths are enjoying showing to the world just how remarkably clever and worldly they are to those they wish most of all to impress. Therefore possums, truly a harmless (if not a constructive), activity to engage in.

Personally I have never been a nurse nor pregnant, either in reality or on the internet, these are of course most popular choices in the fake account world. Suicide and hypochondria have been my articles of choice.

I shall now post a few tips to those that desire to join, or perhaps improve this pursuit. Create many accounts with names that have nothing to do with your intended controversy, leave these accounts to lie idle for a while, this gives you an appearance of validity as does several locked posts, they can consist of nothing more than a heading and a full stop.

Join many groups, don't forget that the Dr Watsons will be scanning all of these for signs of contradiction. Don't just join groups that are about your subject at hand, ie suicides, depression and teen angst, include animal loving ones, music, religion indeed any topic you can think of. Don't forget to collect a goodly number of the more inane type of cereal adder as friends as well as others suffering from your condition/situation.

You really ought to be a member of, at least, three times the number of groups you actually post in, this only involves typing in general interests and joining blindly.

Write numerous posts that are off topic, to you and the shamus's, and quite inane. Make sure you give them some false leads and report yourself from another account. Incidentally, while IP addresses will be sought out, this is most easy to dodge either with a proxy server or just never posting on the same accounts with your numerous identities.

Lie back on your divan, light a cigarette and sip at your odiously sweet cocktail and enjoy the scramblings and clutching at straws that shall now ensue, with any luck, helped by your mole, there will also rage controversy and bitterness between those who believe you to be genuine and those that hold you to be nothing more than a sham and a fabrication.

Is this truly trolling? By definition I believe it is, however, surely acting and comedy are more closer to the mark.

My beloved and revered familiars, it is with some consternation that yet again I feel obliged to post, both upon and within, this vile and inane medium. Yet my dears it would seem that I have not in all conscience any choice, for our beloved, though departed  dumpsterdiva  has pleaded and wheedled with me to return to you once more.

Perhaps I can, as she seems most certain, return some semblance of dignity and decorum to livejournal, failing that no doubt I shall, as is my wont, provide some enlightenment upon the true path of moral purity.

Dear creatures, I shall endeavour to provide comfort rather than censure, though clearly the latter is more deserved.

Well I am very happy to be able to report that dindinand I have become firm friends once more, and after all beloved readers friendship and love is what lj is all about.

Peoples I beg of you to reconcile your differences, for who knows which journal may be deleted next by those vile tyrants and filibusters who make up the intellectually impoverished lj team, by then it would be too late and ever would you burn with shame and remorse, wondering on what could have been.

Lay down your pride and please consider, I beg you.
Also please note the very controversial post I made on heated_debate , just for you gear_eagle , yes I know, rather poor stuff, but that's the point, rather poor group.

Oh deary me, how things have changed during my absence from lj, unceremoniously thrown out of am_i_pregnant and advice4teens, told off for my controversial posts in rapedandgutted and even caused some angst amongst that peacable and contemplative lot the buddhists.

I simply cannot seem to set a foot in the right place, am I treading on toes or are ljers far too sensitive these days?

Dearly beloved reader,

I am appalled to see the cavalier manner in which I am treated when offering heartfelt advice to an anguished young lady on her possible pregnancy. dindin a moderator for the illustrious am_i_pregnant community claims that my advice for seeing a doctor as regards another members condition has no place in the community.

She seems to regard unorthodox herbal remedies as best suited to the lady in questions malady, however much one may like the idea or believe in the effectiveness of alternative medicine, surely it is unwise to censor (in draconian fashion) the more conservative view.

Please note that this is not a community that espouses alternative medicine versus the orthodox variety, it is purely for giving advice to those who are or may be pregnant, and while it may be trite suggesting an appointment with a qualified practitioner, it is hardly inappropriate.

Or is it? Please tell me if you agree that this statement of mine was an atrocious and unmerited attack on alternative medicine, and my subsequent banning (for this my only comment) deserved.

Also is it actually acceptable to constantly talk in the third person? For example... trollingtroll would like to know the answer to this, dindin (not to be confused with) binbin holds a degree and knows more than most about the properties of slippery elm bark etc.

It is not to be supposed that there is any pressing need to here discuss certain failed foreign policy directives, mandates etc.

However it is I suppose worth considering the fall from grace of certain Western powers due to strongarm tactics, lack of humanity and the like, while these same western nations have spent long discussing and imposing the merits and validity of peculiar local myths, environmental change, feminism, the noble savage ad nauseum, certain rather important ingredients of fiscal might have been allowed to lapse.

Within the deaththroes of the worlds banking power (UK) and the slow dissolving of the military and economic largesse of america has arisen an old and considerable power, of both military and economic as well as political might which may well prove almost supreme.

Naturally I refer to our friends the Russians and their still not inconsiderable empire, though this uprising has been of an open and obvious nature as well as fairly rapid, over the last decade or so, no overtures of a proper diplomatic nature have been carried out, the old alliances of the CCCP remain as do many of the opinions.

While I admire the Russians and am glad to see their rise, as well as (perhaps spitefully) the fall of the insular and arrogant nations that tried to hold it in check, there are certain serious issues that arise, can Russian and Western nations ever in the near future keep imagined ideological differences out of policy?

I bring this matter up, mainly because it came to my head before anything else did, however that being said it is a subject that is being intentionally ignored (in the main) due to its uncomfortable nature.

Pon my sainted aunt, here I am once more, into the breach in fine fashion. I note with some sadness that some more of my illustrious companions have been crossed out in true Lj fashion, others have taken my short absence to abandon me without further ado, faithless creatures and gregarious butterflies that they are.

In regard to certain insinuations that have come to my attention, concerning my propensity for standing people up and thus ruining life and reputation with sinister design, I plead extenuating circumstances.

Any Cartographers out there, willing to be pestered with certain innane questions?

Dear sorts,

Have been perusing this eljay phenomena once again and am most happily surprised to find such charming debonair types upon it, perhaps reminded would be the thing to say here.

After all though it may well be a terribly sordid time waster tis far better than Pacman.

Dearly beloved ones what more to be said?

What an irksome thing this interweb is.

My dear creatures, what an unmitigated pleasure to once again post my pearls of wisdom and lucid wit to such an appreciative audience.

Though I have Trolled (amiably) various other sites, never have I found one so ameniable to enjoyment and overreaction as this, I have missed you my faithful followers and detractors.

Are there still Furries?

Though my soul be wearied from my lengthy war against terror within the lj community I shall not be defeated by those that consider animation as an artistic form worth considering, nor yet shall those who consider the violent degredation of innocent and worthy beasts as morally arguable cause me to cease my remonstrance of the socially inadequate (furrys).

There may be those who would see me taking various other avenues of retribution, such as that horror of the modern world... Teenage girls, yet I cannot agree with this for the enemy of man's enlightenment is in these troubled times undoubtably the beastialists.

By beastialists my possums I mean of course those older furrys, many of whom have been named in this praiseworthy journal, who connive to corrupt the youth to dress in animal costumes and engage in fiendish sexual acts in rites reminiscent of barbarous peoples initiation ceremonies.

Dear peoples I tell you these things above simply must cease, to turn a blind eye is to assist in sin.

Together we must make a stand, for divided they shall fall.

The title speaks for itself...

I fear that constant exposure to the limitations of  the common denominator of LJ have made my senses in part bereft of my previous much noted compassionate ways, indeed so different am I compared to when I first began my crusade for the betterment of man on LJ that I am constantly aware of my raised guard when approached by those who seek my help or wish to alert me of those who desperately desire improvement.

I would imagine that all of you would have no doubt whatsoever that I am a sensible and sane individual of the first water, that deduction would have proved entirely true even days before, however no longer am I a pillar of society, I my friends am a broken troll, a troll who has been torn by the desires and decadence of others.

No longer, beloved and dear ones do I awake with a spring in my step ready and anxious to begin the day, no longer do small children and animals charm me into contemplative reverie, nay my reader they inspire such soul seeking dread that I simply cannot leave my domicile anymore. Here I stand trapped by good intention and my desire to help those ruined and distressed by childish LJ whim has turned me into a loathsome creature of rank insidiousness, my friends I too have become an LJer.

I can see no solution to this horror other than to take my own life forthwith.

I leave you my children with these final words, a memento mori for coming generations,



Blessed Ljers once again you have the intense pleasure to read my views on the more weighty matters that affect you, and here you may be sure that the truth is adhered to without fear nor favour being bestowed to any. For this beloved reader is perhaps the only journal/blog whathaveyou that records all the days sensational gossip on those self styled celebrities that seem to infest this little and insular world.
Comrades, there are those who seek the downfall of all good things on the internet and as America had Mcarthy to protect it from the Communists, and America in turn protected the east from turning Communist (Thanks to the efforts in Vietnam and Korea, We managed to halt communism in Asia for after all there is only slightly over one third of the worlds population that reside in that region that are Communist today), As American foreign policy (considered the world over as unbelievably naive by traitors everywhere) continues to keep the fastest growing religion in the world peaceful and happy (namely mohammedism), I too serve the purpose of regulating morality within the sphere of LJ and for this there are those who seek my destruction.

All I can say is (with a tear in my eye) God Bless America and (great humility) God bless Trollingtroll.

Beware of traitors and those that criticise our greatness, for those that do so seek our downfall.


Those of you who use this mode of communication will doubtless have gathered that my very reason for existence is solely in order to teach LOVE and all it's fellow emotions to those who lack in entirety or have failed to utilise this most essential human failing.

I speak on this matter once again for I have, and not for the first time, one who quivers in fright from my written caresses, poor just_kara simply cannot see that I am reaching out for her better side before she is swept off her feet by evil and deadly feelings on the intractable nature of man.

I think I can say with some confidence that all of those on my friends list as well as many others on LJ have been graced by the mighty works I have performed to better the conditions of the meek and to humble those who possess an overweening sense of importance.

Yet this said why I ask do I so often recieve discouragement in the form of anonymous expressions of dislike, threats of bodily dismemberment, am I not here for reasons most noble?

OH me oh my, for all that I love thee I also pity thee dearest ljer.

Dear reader,

In posing a simple question to one of my societies here on LJ namely white_racialism I came across a certain young lady* (*I stand corrected) person  immortalrite who vehemently spoke against me, yet to my minds eye (as beady as that may be) it seemed as though the answers were somewhat lacking, almost as though the person in question had merely plagiarised a paragraph or learnt by rote the definition and not the meaning.

Now this is not the first time I have come across this sort of thing, though quite a flagrant example of it, are there those of you out there who have been irked by the tepid answers or explanations that have been given you by those who seem to imply if not definately state some academic knowledge?

On a lighter note I leave you with a picture from my recent holidays that I went on with my little friend avatar_ramika.


primacorza caught with CELLULOID ALSATIAN...

In this rare scoop given by an enraged ex partner of the well known bestialist above to a lead reporter recently of the Daily sun, we see the glimmerings of evil exposed, exposed indeed by one whom has lived in the world of pro zoophiliac furrydom.

These facts gleaned via internet interview with none other than Bad Boy Bunny previously known as Fluffles Da Cat...

I swear……….I mean that this took me by such surprise man *nods* I am taught on the Notting Hill estate man, where it's hard to break even!!!!!!!!! man, you know? I'm always goin into the estate or tha mean streets of Notting Hill (once i even snuck into a club in Soho, man that was one jivin DJ) anyhows *rolls spliff* though I seen it all at a pretty young age what with buyin a little, sellin a little *lights spliff* this rally shocked a hardened old eastender's watcher like me *eyes redden*.


*stubs out spliff*  *pops paracetamol* 

Da man slyed me over ant that aint forgivable in tha hood!!!!!!!! nigga *nods head* all of tha time I was a hip hoppin all over tha place a wheelin and a dealing with ma sidekick you know i trusted that fellah well.


*rolls spliff* All the time I was trustin him he was chasing the neighbours dogs man, mebee cats too *considers* he had all a these here plastic animal sex toys ya know, like tha one in tha pic *lights spliff* I feel betrayed!!!!!!!!! and if he don't be watchin his bad ass then Im goin to drive by the sucker *coughs* thats hows it done in the estate here man!!!!!!!!. *sobs* innit.

 I’m gonna start punching people!!!! Another reason why I’m well defensive at present……………….I used to just breeze in and out amongst these people, selling things or buying things or going out and getting trashed with them. Now they all know I’m a zoophile man I get treated differently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s becoming annoying!!!! Yeah????

I’m smoking way to much ganja man as well, it’s after 5pm and I was fucking wasted way before 1pm this afternoon. So I need to slow my roll,  have not been sleeping well. Put this all together with my heartbreaking weekend and I am about to blow my fucking top for real!!!!! I am gonna go and try to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on top on most things in my life at the moment but the nightmares are back and my attitude problem normally follows 0.o

I want a new mind!!!!!!!!!!! Dis one is fucking mashed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this a Jilted lovers childish attempt at retribution or can it be true? one can only hope not....

Next week, All about Riezar's past, was it mange caught from an old flame that took his once lovely long locks, or was it from stress induced by RSPCA interrogation?

Once more am I forced into the fray, the barbarically egotistical mediaevalism of many of those involved in the peculiar constructs of this organ of literature that is LJ have revealed a most unfortunate, yet ultimately redeemable (I pray) side of uncivilised hilarity of the coarsest, nay basest variety.

I had hoped that my previous attempts at cleansing the minds of the masses here at LJ had at least in some wise prevailed, and so indeed in the short term had some modicum of human decency and intellectual integrity crept in, sadly however it is that a mainstay of mental astheticism as well as a bastion of telling logic seems to be required as a permanent fixture or else all fails.

So then beloved readers, when pondering the unthinkable thought of stepping without your ivory towers and shedding the title of tin pot god that had kept your LJ chastity intact, keep well in your minds that this/that I am your beacon of elucidation...

Yrs Faithfully,

A Troll of Utmost Sincerity.

As both reizarand dumpsterdiva  begged and wheedled me to come back and make at least one more post, I shall do so.

Though really dears get a grip on yourselves, it's only lj after all.

Dear Faithful Ljers,

Thank you for your kind attention over the past few months, I feel that my retirement must now commence.

For those that found something humorous within these pages or even to those that found something exasperating here... Thank you, either way victory is mine.

I caused the deletion of several journals and communities and annoyed countless persons, if you feel that this is a terrible thing then consider the warning signs I gave, firstly the moniker TROLLINGTROLL followed by my ICON and just in case that wasn't enough there was also my pompous style of writing.

Personally I feel that I earned the name of Lj Troll extraordinary.

P.S. For those that fancy a spot of fun see the very first post for a list of targets that naturally I am sorry for irking.



I simply cannot believe this situation, first of all reizar threatened me with litigation (again) as well as reportage to the LJ abuse team (for what?), when I took up his legal challenge he promptly stood down and deleted all comments on the subject he had made in gothic_rants then presumably realising that he had some highly sensational commentary in his journal he has deleted his entire journal of posts as well as removing zoophilia from his interests list.

To what end you ask, I suspect that reizar realised that some of his opinions/actions were prohibited by law and that as his threats of legal action were bluff he soon realised that it was he who would be punished for his sins and not I.

Possibly the most upsetting thing of all though is that through fear of consequences due entirely to their own actions reizar deletes all record of his previous posts, surely not all of them were illicit, and worse umjadavis considers suicide http://umjadavis.livejournal.com/207164.html

Am I at fault here? should perhaps I cease publishing my opinions here on LJ? or should each of us take responsibility for our own actions?

I would be very happy to hear your thoughts as I am a most distressed Troll.

I really am tiring of this nonsense, my old friend reizar claims now that I have a crush on him, let us look at the facts of the case shall we, we were previously fairly close friends on lj until he began to disclose his odd penchant for making love to animals and his apparent prediliction for child pornography, now I argued the morals of these things with him until a fallout began which led to him dropping my name from his friends list recently.

Now firstly I believe that friends (strangers too) ought to be able to disagree without it impairing relations, and though I strongly disagree with reizars position on his sexual preferences this in no way shows that I either dislike or hate him, What I dislike are his views not the person.

Now there never was any talk of my apparent crush when we had cordial relations so it seems rather paradoxical that this revelation comes out when we are estranged, reizar, don't kid yourself you were a friend on lj nothing more.

This all started with a conversation on julius_flint journal with umjadavisthe_bradreizar and of course myself, the point put forth by umjadavis and reizarwas that society conditions us to our views on ethics and morality based on functionality, now this is actually a reasonable argument when spouted by say a philosopher yet I cannot bring myself to accept that such actions ought to be actually carried out on the strength of sophistry alone.

Anyway the point being that I dont hate or have a crush on reizar, I dislike his opinions/actions but feel that he should have the right to voice them, it follows equally that I too should be able to voice my views as well.

I would be most interested with your thoughts on this matter, you too reizarOh dear me, this simply must be seen, reizar_love

Yet again I have been accused of being the ANTIFURRY incarnate by some witless furs whom I plied with questions concerning their genre, now this to me seems most unreasonable for they invited comment from me and when I failed to agree that beastiality was an acceptable practice of the furry world (in my usual urbane manner) was attacked in a most petulant fashion, in vain I voiced my remonstrance that I was merely interested in facts not damning them unheard.

Before the usual hue and cry comes forth, yes I am aware that a very small portion of furries do not practice beastiality, 1% do not according to primacorza 25% do not according to reizar, so please stop attacking me for smearing all furs with the same brush for I do not do anything of the sort.

Now why is it that I before all others am considered the enemy of furrydom? always have I been civil and fairminded to this group as indeed I have always been to all groups, yet I have on many occasions stood accused of calumny and distorting the facts, this I put down to the fact that I will not be moved by illogical debate and cowardly threats by those such as primacorza and his some time swinging partner badboybunny.

What do you the reader think of these shock tactics and death threats aimed at one who is not only ever civil but also merely seeking for the truth?

Well to keep some credibility, i've not yet posted any meme's


Yet again a threat to "paint my journal red with vulgarity" by iconox , this seems to be a standard response by this individual when one opposes his ideology.

Now personally I feel no obligation to second his views on "the Jewish question", further I feel I have every right to oppose it vehemently as indeed I have been doing, hence threats.

Now let us suppose for a moment (now this is purely hypothetical) that the "Illumini" or "Illuminati" (claimed to be some secret Jewish organisation) actually exists, and iconox has not shown that it does, let us presume further (again hypothetically) that this organisation actually wields any power at all over "The Whitehouse", "All Financial Institutions worldwide" and rules all events in Hollywood, well sorry iconox and co that still does not make every single Jewish person a mass conspirator.

Personally I dont believe these claims though I am forced to concede I cannot prove them false, however is not the onus upon you not I?

Henry Ford, the KKK and Goebbels are not really admired by many today yet they do keep re-surfacing, why?

If you support some or all of these beliefs please respond as I find the idea rather interesting, also to counterbalance I would love to hear from those who disagree in full or part with these notions.

Why my beloved ljers is there so much self loathing transposed upon others to be found in the annals of lj?

What happened to civilised conversation and debate? of course a lot of the crass and ungainly behaviour is to be found within the ranks of  furrydom, but not all sad to say.

Naturally most of those on my friends list are the very pillar of civility (though the salt of the earth) yet there is much uncouthness to be found and this cannot be pinned down alone to the likes of badboybunny and his curious ways of expressing himself (nor his sexual appetites).

Let us attempt to be a trifle more sophisticated for crudity gets us nowhere, more urbane and accomodating to others opinions, beliefs and habits, no more I say should iconox expouse anti-semitism digitalxautumn her inflammatory remarks about homosexuals nor are foxfire's beliefs on the Postal Service required in common decent conversation.

Ladies and Gentlemen take a leaf out of my own book, a winsome smile and a happy disposition is all that is needed for a fulfilled soul and unrivalled popularity amongst your fellow ljers.

Well my dears I am back once again for your pleasure and more importantly your elucidation on lj world events.

The hush of peace has too long been upon the clandestine clique of furrydom, it is principally for the interests of this intellectually ailing and culturally barren sect that I have returned, not the only reason I assure all my close and desirable friends.

But is it true, was dumpsterdiva really parading around the streets of civic in a  march hares outfit?

And as I promised underlying intent to some, there it was, where is frisby_on_head that crusader for animal rights and equality?

I am sad to remark that certain ljers of little renown have tried to claim that I am merely a malicious gossip monger, this vile assertion I refute as do I refute the atrocious remarks that I am merely spreading misconceptions throughout the realms of lj.

These ridiculous claims have been spread mainly by the furry community elite trying to persuade you all that I am nothing but an
internet troll which is after all what my name suggests, fiddlesticks, what nonsense will be next? the claim that this journal is only here to cause annoyance?

I assure you all that as I have remarked beforehand that I am not here to sow the seeds of dissension amongst the furry community I am here to spread the word of LOVE which emotion is sadly lacking in the small world of lj today.

Please believe all that I say for it is as pure and downy as the gospel.

Yours truly,

I'm sorry to bring this abhorent subject up yet again, however I feel I must, for a decent young man is being manipulated by older and cynical members of his genre, that genre is of course the Furry phenomenon.

Now most of you would agree that Furry art is pretty appalling, including that which is not intended to be erotic, but it is not untalented artists that concerns me, nor is it the interesting psychological flaw that causes some to feel they must pretend to be animals and dress as such (rather like childrens dress up parties) you have no doubt all heard the theories that this is caused by lack of parental affection or the direct opposite, being suckled on the tit for too long, so I will not write about that here.

Beastiality is the cause for concern, no reasonable minded person would argue against the proposition that beastiality is a sure sign of flagging intellect and mental aberration, yet there are those who not only practice these depraved acts of the utmost cruelty but actually preach them to minors under the guise of peers in a rather silly fashion.

Recently I was saddened to see that my friend sai_skunk was falling into the pit of self deception that reizar primacorza and others had dug for him, he argued that animals could consent to sexual acts with humans and that it was perfectly reasonable to do so with them...

WRONG, the responsibility of having an animal under your care (either stock or pets) means providing and caring for them, in this wise it is similar to the responsibilities of parentage, sex is a mature decision made by two people of age, if there is ANY doubt as to consent by one of the parties then the ugly word of RAPE enters the equation.

primacorza and reizar both tried (rather feebly) to claim that the rights and ways of homosexuals were theirs, this is patently absurd for consenting adult humans are concerned here.
Further they both tried to equate child abuse, beastiality and homosexuality as the same, if it was right for homosexuals then it was not immoral to engage in the other two, what chain of reasoning, what diseased minds came to that disgusting conclusion?
Furthermore while both argued that the high incidence of divorce in western nations proved beyond doubt that the traditional idea of human to human intercourse was wrong. How so?
Anyone who dares to disagree with them are apparently fundamentalist christians (I am not religious), or vigilantes calling for their personal destruction (delusions of grandeur),and unprogressive and homophobic.
In answer to this nonsense, again I am not religious, I have never tried to incite violence, merely debate, conservative morality must be shown to be wrong it is not wrong merely because it is conservative (nor does that make it right), I have never said (or felt) anything against homosexuals.

Both of these wily and absurdly illogical gentlemen have ceased to discuss the matter after losing in debate previously, if (they say) you dont agree with us after we have told you it is right, then you are close minded and unprogressive, this dear people is only true if their arguments showed conclusively that they were right.

I ask again for proponents of this peculiar and rather unsavoury crime to tell me how they condone it, or have you said all that you can? are all the feeble sophistries and pointless twistings used? do you have nothing further to add? if so I claim victory in debate.

I would also be interested in the views of those who do not practise or condone beastiality.


Please, if desiring to press on with litigation be aware of the following...

Firstly  Libel; one must show not only that the statements are actually untrue (or unreasonable conclusions) but that damages are caused ie; loss of income due to weakened reputation within your field due entirely or mainly to the alleged defamation.

Secondly  Intellectual property; the onus is upon you the claimant not me to show that the above named property is indeed yours and that there were indeed obvious restrictions shown upon it.

Thirdly bush lawyers (and failed law students); I ought not discuss legal matters, all complaints of a legal nature must be forwarded to my solicitors, beware of this as counter charges may ensue. (my legal firms name on request, please leave email address).

Lastly law is, unlike the internet a serious business, and a very dear one.

Kind regards,

if you, like atomicat are easily offended please shudder from reading the following.

while i have abhorrence for the large numbers of furrys who practise beastiality, i have an admission to make, rather a confession, one that i find it hard to just come out and say like this in public...

i too have an unusual sexual preference, one which i share with a number of my lj friends, namely dumpsterdiva frisby_on_head foxfire and conjurman, the following is our secret penchant...

there is nothing that titillates us more nor drives us beyond all erotically orgasmic experience than to dress up as vegetables and viff (our form of yiff), i in my pineapple toga, dumpsterdiva in her latex radish suit, frisby_on_head in a silken potato smock, while conjurman and foxfire both (rather unoriginally) wear sago bean outfits.

this link is parental guidance only It's not about love. please have a parent at hand prior to viewing.

we believe (quite logically) that by dressing up in this way we become closer to what we truly are, our inner selves, our true spiritual make-up, for we were born vegetables in human form, and before those who would hinder progress and personal freedoms cry rape, nay, carrots can consent and even if they couldnt (ridiculous notion) it wouldnt bother them anyway as they lack the hangups we have with social stigma.

i would like to add here that we are left wing (mildly) and not severely to the right like most furrys.

pour scorn on us as you will we shall rise above you, for this is the future of all man(and vegetable)kind.

criticise our art, (badly depicted scenes of half humanid/vegetable eroticism) say that those who are incapable of true art draw vegetable still life, we care not.

by the way jazzriff denies being a furry, so whats with all the rumours?

a reminder to you all that friendlytrolls may actually become of use in the next few days thanks to the constant and unremitting labour of frisby_on_head and dumpsterdiva.

the objective of the community is to provide a safe haven for trolls and others of amiable aspect to discuss impartially and pleasantly the faults of others, on another and even more serious note friendlytrolls is also to be a refuge for adopted furrys such as jazzriff and atomicat
i again urge you all to consider adoption, we are facing great strain and lack of resources to even cope with a tithe of the desperate and unhappy furrys, visit adopt_a_furry to find out where and how.

whilst humbly and patiently awaiting the ferry this morning i noticed a curious and oft seen sight, one that i had previously noted and indeed given some conjecture  previously, is there some lurking fascination towards ROD STEWART that abides within the breast of dykes? do they set out to to emulate this maudlin aged rocker? why is it so, if true? 

nobody would deny that the vast majority of dykes (esp tall thin withered ones) look the very spitting image of the above mentioned star, yet is it intentional or pure mischance?

what is it about the man that draws adoring fans from this unexpected source, i truly cannot fathom it at all, perhaps my lj friends can shed light on this mystery.

and please no more ignotum per ignotius from my darling comrade primacorza and the plethora of furry fantasisers that inhabit these pages every waking moment.

on another note would fumo ergo sum be correct? brain_spider care to shed some light?

i am now once again firmly entrenched within the lj system.

thank you all for your various expressions of support in this time of great upheaval, my dear friend primacorza's wedding with montrose went as well as could be expected aside from some conciencious objectors protesting at the gates of the lemington zooaphiles assoc, never was a ferret more openly acceptive of lovers embrace than montrose on this his night of all nights.

as i mentioned in my opening speech anybody as objective and logical (not to mention remarkably clever) as primacorza deserves all the happiness they can get, he is about as progressive and sensible as any furry i have spoken to and i can hardly wait for some more essay length comments on the pleasures of intercourse with harmless beasts, such a shrewd and modern young man is he.

i will be offline for a while so have patience frisby_on_head, dumpsterdiva and playgirl etc.


P.S. thank you frisby_on_head and dumpsterdiva for taking care of my new house, hope you enjoyed the home brew and view.

that evil lurks beneath the surface? my close friend sai_skunk tells me that the views of reizar and primacorza are outdated and cliched in the extreme, that beastiality and severe right wing views are not any part of his agenda, and i believe that statement of his.

however does the major thrust of the furry movement have sinister plots of mass indoctrination of youth? are the heads of this party seeking the downfall of all things wholesome so they can embark on a trail of brutal hedonistic delight? i believe there to be many youths such as sai_skunk who are innocent of any knowledge of the barbarities committed by their older leaders.

but whom are these leaders and what have they to say of this resurfacing of barbaric medievalism within the ranks of our callow feckless youth?

i am sorry to repeat this series of photographs however  i feel they lucidly show  what worries most people about this modern phenomena.


one of the greatest signs of lj celebrity status is emulation by the masses and unsurprisingly to those that know me it would seem that i am now firmly fledged within the ranks of  lj fame, trollingtr0ll, has been created by an adoring fan.

am i now the ultimate troll as jazzriff is the penultimate furry? or this this merely a short lived wonder? certainly in my short time here on lj it could  be said that i of all trolls have had a more immense sum of love and friendliness to bestow than any other, all things being relative of course.

on other matters my adoption of that wayward and socially defunct youth sai_skunk, is making slow but steady progress, his souls salvation is but around the corner.

i am proud to announce that i have taken the first step in the social and mental reform of a sadly misguided and mental incompetent juvenile furry, and that furry of lacklustre renown is none other than sai_skunk, please make it feel welcome and most importantly cherished.

in taking this immense and irrevocable act of adoption i was concerned that shi would not have the experienced mentor such as love_troll that he needs, however i am assured by all atadopt_a_furry that training and support will be provided for me in the coming arduous months of salvation for this poor creature.

wish me well in this perilous undertaking, and i urge you all to adopt a furry today.

with many different nationalities and opinions the study of ljers bigotry holds much scope, though by far the majority would seem to be those from the united states.
the French on lj would by far seem to be the most intellectually rigorous and knowledgeable on world politics whereas the americans (usa) seem the most fervently patriotic and while critical of their government (bush etc) prepared to brush aside these faults complacent that america can do no wrong, oddly enough even those americans with radical politics which go against the american way of life seem to rant hysterically when others point out faults.

the english seem the most subdued and reasonable, not pushing opinions too hard yet refusing to budge on them all the while keeping a sphinx like calm, with no trace of the pseudo aristocratic arrogance and lack of humour for which they and those from the usa are famed (probably not fairly).

from the small glimpse of the world of lj i have seen i would judge the French to take 1st place, scandinavians 2nd and the English 3rd, (in world knowledge) this is a gross generalisation however may hold some truth, if i seem overly critical of americans here it is pertinent to point out that i only make mention of patriotism and intellectualism (of which in both fields i am sadly lacking).

on another note julius_flint is soon to be participating in a fun run, i hope you will all give support to him in this public spirited endeavour.

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